Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Day And A Half

This has definately been the most memorable trip of my life so far, but I´m ready to get home.

This morning, we took a bus to the city of Padron, where St. James´s body supposedly washed up. The interesting thing was that the only water to be seen was a river. So, we went to the two churches in town, but one of them was closed. After that, we went to a supermarket to get some bread to feed ducks. That was fun. Then, we headed back to the bus station. While we were waiting for our bus, Seamus and I each got a burger. We got up to head out to our bus, but the lady at the restaurant insisted that it was not our bus, and told us that she would let us know when our bus was here. When she told us that our bus was there, we went out to it but it was the wrong bus. The first bus that we tried to go to was actually the right one. Oh well, we got on another bus free of charge, and now we are back in Santiago with a day and a half left until we leave.


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