Monday, July 12, 2010

Journal Reading

Chad and I have been enjoying the journal the boys kept while in Spain. It helps to fill in some gaps ... for example:

Seamus wrote about buying some bread at a store where the store owner was so happy to have American customers. He cheerfully gave the boys an update on how the L.A.Lakers were doing. One of the Lakers players, Pau Gusol, is from Spain, and this shop-owner is very proud of that fact.

Ian wrote about enjoying the morning scenry of mist and fog blending in with the hills of Galicia. No surprise, he has always liked Celtic-type scenery.

Noah explained how they got to the cathedral in Santiago just as the censer was slowing down. He wrote that he was looking forward to seeing the "whole show" the next day. He also wrote about food ... a lot.

It will be fun to show their kids this journal in years to come! :)

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