Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello again!

Hey, so I meant to post sooner but obviously that didn´t happen. I guessll just fill you in on some of the highlights of my part of the trip so far.

I started working on learning a little more spanish before I got here and my first day walking, the first person to try to talk to me was speaking German. I guess I was working on the wrong language.

On a similar note I have been asked repeatedly if I am German. Or Czech. Or Dutch. So far the only person to pick me out as an American is an Australian guy we keep running into.

Still on a similar note, the other night I got to try to translate a conversation between a Spaniard and a German. I pulled it off, surprisingly. I was pretty proud of myself.

It is nice because most places here charge to use their computers but the two places we have stayed in Santiago have wireless internet which I can access on my iPod. That has saved me a little money. One problem with that is that I can´t post on the blog from my iPod. Oh well.

We just cooked dinner. Between the three of us we turned out a pretty good meal. We´re cooking again for dinner. It´s better and cheaper than a restraunt so it works out well.

I bought a keychain today to add to my collection. It is just an arrow. I figured we were dependent on them to get here so I may as well get that.

The hostel we are at right now was pretty hard to find but it is nice. Very comportable. We´re staying here until we leave. I´m about to run out off time on the computer so I´ll leave it at that.

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