Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Feast Day

I was going to make a post yesterday, but it was a pretty busy day, so I couldn't make it happen. Yesterday I drove from Houston to San Antonio. I had a man weekend in Houston with my buddy, Cody. We got to visit the St. Arnold's brewery and tour it. Its a craft micro brewery. St. Arnold is the patron saint of brewers. The story has it that in Germany, this guy was a bishop and long after he died the people of his parish town wanted to honor him with a fancy grave or something like that. So they went up on a mountain where he was buried and dug him up and walked him to the town. It was a procession of hundreds of people. It was a long walk, so they stopped at a little bar on the way for a rest and a drink, but the bar only had enough beer for one mug. So the first person took a sip and passed it down. Eventually EVERYONE got a sip. It's almost like the story with the loaves and fish or the Hanukkah story. Too bad we don't have a St. Arnold's Day celebration. I could see America turning that into a fun one.

The next morning I was on the road for San Antonio at 6:30. I had a 12:55 flight to New York to visit Mary and her family. It was a bit of a drive for how tired I was. But I made it. I also got to meet her brother Jim and sister-in-law, Janelle. We grabbed dinner at Applebee's. It was a good time. Mary's Dad also showed me his train collection. He has a pretty sweet track set up in the basement with fancy controllers and sounds and everything.

So now, being the morning person that I am, I'm up and I don't think anyone else is. But I have some reading to do, so its OK.

Its good to be back in the US. The adjustment to Spain and life on the Camino took at least a week ... I adjusted to being back in the US right away. Haha, funny how that works.

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  1. I'm glad you posted one more comment, Seamus ... I liked it!

    One last Saint James story ... yesterday, on the Feast of Saint James, we were at the Ft. Clark swimming pool and Amy (Uncle Brent's daughter) found a scallop shell on the bottom of the pool! Now how does THAT happen 100 or so miles away from the coast?




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