Sunday, July 4, 2010


This morning we went to see the tomb of St. James, that was pretty cool. We also went to mass and saw the incense thing, way cooler to see the whole thing. Cooler than YouTube even.

After mass we moved to a new hostel today. Its a little more expensive, but it does have a nice kitchen, so I think we´ll make our savings in there.

There was supposed to be a BBQ pit too, but its more like a fire pit for hippies to pass a guitar around. There are some out there right now playing what sounds like a trumpet and accordion but I´m not sure.

Since the pit fell through, we celebrated the 4th by making steak on the stove ... not the same, but I´m sure Uncle Sam will understand. We did have a mini American Flag on display.

I also had one displayed on my backpack this afternoon while I went around town checking out the street musicians. I also went to Pastelería La Perla. The lady looked at me funny for taking a picture so I explained I had been there 14 years ago. She thought that was pretty cool.

I also saw a guy dressed like Saint James who has been walking around the past few days. Only this time he was sitting outside a bar with a beer. He was also dozing off. I guess Saint James had a long day. I got a good picture of him.

On that note, the computer here is not working that well, so I can´t post pictures. Hopefully I´ll come across a better one.

Tomorrow we are hitting the beach by a point that our Australian friend, Michael, said the Romans used to think was the end of the world. So we will check out that town, then hopefully find a board to rent.

The next day we are going to go to Padrón where it is said that St. James´s dead body washed up on shore.

I got a pair of jeans yesterday. I was going to have to get a pair fairly soon anyway. So I did it here. It's really nice to have them. I haven´t worn a pair in nearly a month ... I haven´t worn anything with pockets in nearly a month for that matter. It's the simple things in life.

We´re going to run to the store to look for a ball or something for the beach.

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