Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Sounds like your Spanish 4th of July was fun! Glad you got a better view (?) of the botafumeiro (a.k.a. thurible, a.k.a. censer). I'm sure the bishop of the Cathedral loves the P.R. job the guy dressed up as St. James is doing (sigh). I've always thought the German really came out in you boys ... funny people think you are German!

Dad and I went to Brackettville yesterday for the 4th of July celebration. (Grandpa was the president of the 4th of July committee and did a great job.) Grandpa asked Dad to drive the Parade Marshall - Bobby Barrera - who is a Vietnam vet. During the Vietnam War, he was in a tank that blew up and he had to be hospitalized for two years. Very inspiring. His wife was impressive too. He now dedicates his life to Veterans with disabilities. Thanks to Hurricane Alex it was the coolest 4th of July I can remember in a long time!

After lunch ... Lauren was with us for most of the morning, but had to go lifeguard right after the parade. :(

Here's the really neat wooden box (that used to be full of candy) from the candy shop that is just down a bit (right next door, I guess!) from the restaurant with langoustine, which is just a few yards from the Cathedral. Can't wait to see your pictures!
p.s. The Kerry Egan book sounds really good ... and I'd like to see the arrow keychain.

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