Thursday, June 3, 2010

Credencial Del Peregrino

The boys will carry with them a “Credencial Del Peregrino” during their journey. This credential is proof that they are pilgrims headed to Santiago and gives them the right to stay at “albergues” – hostels for pilgrims only. These albergues (or refugios, or hostels) offer a bed (usually rooms with several bunks) and a meal for a very small cost. A funny story … Father Kevin Codd, shared in his book, To the Field of Stars that one night on the Camino he accidentally selected a bed in a room designated specifically for snorers (he didn’t notice the sign). Fortunately he was so tired that night that he slept just fine … despite being in a room full of hearty snoring.

At each town, the boys will get their Pilgrim Credentials stamped. When they arrive in Santiago, they can bring these credentials to the Cathedral Pilgrim Office and get a special certificate called a “Compostela.”

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