Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Packing List

I've been researching suggested packing lists and after looking over several, here's what I came up with (I want to travel really light):

- backpack - its a coleman, 38 L (and it has one of those camelback hydration things in it)
- 2 pairs of athletic shorts
- 2 t-shirts
- running shoes
- flip flops
- 2 pairs of boxers
- socks and sock liners
- bug spray
- little flashlight
- needles and thread (they actually all fit in an old prescription medicine bottle)
- little swiss army knife
- safety pins
- a small thing of nylon rope (you never know when you'll need rope, watch Boondock Saints, you'll understand)
- some duct tape (not the whole roll)
- athletic tape
- I got a big thing of zip-lock bags to help keep things dry
- board shorts (doubt I'll need them, but I never travel without them)
- camera
- underarmour spandex shorts
- a very light weight jacket ... so light weight it might even be considdered a long sleve shirt with a collar and a half-zipper
- some very light wind-breaker pants
- found a quick-dry camp towel at Walmart that I decided to get. hopefully it dries as quickly as they imply
- some spare batteries
- harmonica
- a money pouch thing ... it looks like a skinny fanny-pack that you wear under your clothes, its supposed to help with preventing theft.
- basic toiletries (toothbrush and paste, floss [which i heard also serves as thread in extreme situations], shampoo, deoderant, still debating on the razor ... i'll probably bring it)
- a roll of toilet paper (you just never know)
- a camoflauge blanket (also known as a pancho liner)
- chap stick with SPF 30 in it
- sun creen
- playing cards
- Pancho
- Clothes pins

Stuff that I have not gotten that I am/might:

- anti-diarrhea meds
- lighter
- spare battery and memory card for my camera
- plug converter for camera charger
- mp3 player

Yes, it kind of looks like a lot when its all listed like that. But yes, I will be able to fit all of it in my bag. If not, I will cut a few (or several) things.

I'm getting pretty excited. Its less than a week away. A week from right now I'll be in Spain.

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