Monday, June 21, 2010

A Desolate Stretch

If my guess is correct, the boys should be on or close to one of the more isolated stretches on the Camino. In the 1670s, Fr. Laffi came across a dead pilgrim being eaten by two wolves in this area. In 1743, a pilgrim named Nicola Albani who had trekked al the way from Naples, Italy opted to hire a guide to get him safely through this stretch. Even as recent as 1974, there were no paths, no buildings and little vegetation.

Now, however, things are more comfortable outside of Sahagun ... trees have been planted, there are picnic tables and a gravel path to guide the pilgrims. However, I wouldn't be surprised if computers have not yet made it to the area.

p.s. Ian returned to OK this morning and now I am writing from Corpus Christi ... where Chad and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary ... but we miss the boys.

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