Monday, June 28, 2010

Bus Day

Quite the bus day. I think we covered about 120 km. Once we got to Sarria we had to just use out man-stinct to get on the Camino (and a little direction-asking). We found a hostel, but it only had 2 beds. Since it was 2:45 and we had heard so many stories about places filling up real fast, I told Ian and Noah to take them and I´d look for another. The guy said I could use a floor spot on the patio if I couldn´t find anything. Then around the corner I found a place and the guy put me in a room with 5 other empty beds! haha. Oh well.

I figure we´re 5ish days out from Santiago. That is pretty exciting.

I´m trying to upload some pics, but this computer is pretty old, so I´m not sure if it will work.

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