Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have You Ever Seen a Baby that Hates the Car Seat?

... and it arches its back and cries once it sees the seat? I think that's how my feet feel about my shoes. I wish the Camino was flip flop friendly.
We are in Punta la Reina and have crossed over the bridge my mom made note of ... only to turn back because we had passed all the hostels and didn´t want to walk to the next town. We washed out clothes and used the dryer which mostly dried our clothes. We also went to a store for an onion and tomato, and another one for a tube of cookies that look a lot like Hit Cookies ... that's going to be breakfast. We also got some kind of sausage at a meat market. We´re not real sure what kind it is. We are going to make lunch today and eat out for dinner instead, so we can watch the U.S. play England. I really hope the U.S. wins.

Today was super muddy. We also saw a lot of windmills (you can kind of see one in the background above). There was also a shrine to the pilgrims (the picture is below).

The first picture is a picture of me with my pants pulled up under my poncho. I start the day with some windbreaker pants and take them off when I get too warm. Every time I take them off I sing the I Wear No Pants song from the Dockers commercial. I can´t figure out how to get it down here with this text.

We spent a lot of time up in the mountains-hills today. It is amazing how they farm every bit of land they can. There were some crops up high.

Annnnd I´m starving. So, I´m going to work with Noah to see what kind of lunch we can whip up out of the mystery sausage and veggies.

Hasta Luego


  1. Nice pics! I crack up every time I see that Dockers commercial! I am pretty sure I am going to have that jingle in my head for the rest of the day now, lol

  2. Great photos! Thanks! Hope you are enjoying the game!



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