Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist ... in León

(John the Baptist is often portrayed using a Scallop Shell to baptize Christ.)

Gosh! I don't think St. John the Baptist would be impressed with lots of people in León celebrating his Nativity by getting drunk. Wouldn't a day of eating nothing but wild honey and locusts be more suitable? I think getting drunk like that would be more impressive to Herod Antipas than to John the Baptist.

Anyways, I hope things were calmer for the boys during their second night in León. They have to spend their extra nights in León in a hotel. The albergue/refugio/hostel owners allow Pilgrims to spend only one night in each city ... unfortunately, some have tried to take advantage of the unique and generous system of the Camino to get looooong free rides. You can spend a second or third night if you have a note from a doctor indicating that you are too ill to walk.

Dad and I just got back from Corpus Christi ... it was a real nice trip. Something refreshing about the Gulf air! We saw lots of pelicans brought in from the oil drenched regions.

Mr. Keane is doing better ... and is happy to be home. I'll keep you posted boys, but if you happen to think of him, please ask God and Saint James to bless him!

Ian called, Kelly got him to the airport safely ... Thanks so much, Kelly! I appreciate that! Ian was just about to board the plane to Madrid when he called. Kind of neat how he's flying out on a Saint John Day (one of the many!).

Mary - CONGRATULATIONS on your new position as a Math Specialist! Great job!


  1. Thank you! I am very excited about it!
    Sorry I didn't get to write back sooner. I was out of town and my friend's computer wouldn't let me write on the blog.



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