Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Still Love Each Other ... So Far

Holy smokes, we are pooped. The flight leaving DFW left a little late. It was fun though. Noah sat next to some guy that curled up in a ball and slept most of the time ... except for take-off and landing where he played with his iphone instead of turning it off. I sat next to a guy named David and his wife who were on their way to Bulgaria to visit her family. He is from St. Louis and went to seminary school in Croatia where he met his wife. Needless to say, he didn´t become a priest. He is now a high school science teacher in Kansas. Very nice people. The plane had several movies to watch. There was also a documentary on a Spanish musician who did the Camino all the way from the Netherlands! Pretty cool. There was a guy in the row behind Noah who helped me get a few pics of the sunrise from the plane. It was pretty cool.

Because the flight was a little late, that put us in Madrid at about 11 to get our boarding tickets and get to our next gate for Pamplona in 15 minutes. By the time we got our boarding passes and figured out where we needed to go, the sign said it would take 20 min to get there and the boarding pass said if you are not there 15 min before the departure time, you won´t get on. Fortunately that flight was delayed by 30 min, so we were ok.

Then we sat on the plane for about 30 min because of weather. But we finally landed. I used the ATM, it seemed to work just fine. We went to information and found out how to get to Jean-Pied-De-Port (that's a little surprise for you Mammy). The lady said she spoke a little English and then proceeded to speak zero English. But we figured it out. So we took an airport bus to a big bus hub, got tickets to Orreaga-Roncesvalles (bus), then we´ll catch a cab to Jean-Pied-De-Port.

The second picture is in front of some church by the bus station. It was locked so we couldn´t go in. But it looks like Mary is on the top.

Noah just tried making a panic over losing his bus ticket to Roncesvalles ... turns out he didn´t know what it looked like. We have it. The bus leaves at 6, it's 4 right now. We´re going to try to stay awake until we find a hostel so we can go straight to sleep. The idea is that we will set our body clocks in one night ... we´ll see how that goes.

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  1. Phew! So glad you made it! While Dad and I were having our cappuccino this morning, Noah's alarm from yesterday morning went off ... which made me realize that it was a long time from him getting out of bed yesterday until the next time he can lay down on a bed again.

    Thanks for the Quesadilla recipe!

    Awesome photos!




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