Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Real Close!

To those of you who thought Sarria is 100 km away, it is actually 110. But we´re still doing well. We really trucked it today and yesterday. 28 km yesterday and 31ish today. So that puts us at 51ish left. What that means is we can sleep in the last couple days and take our sweet time walking while still making the progress we want and not having to worry about making it to a place on time. Today the lady had to roll out a little folding couch for all 3 of us to stay at the same place. And we had stopped by 2:30.

So now we are using the computer, charging our chargeable stuff and killing time. I don´t like it when we have to stop so early because it gets so boring sitting around. Fortunately yesterday I got a new book, its called Fumbling, by Kerry Egan. A very friendly guy named Michael, from Australia, passed it on to me. Its about a girl from the US who goes on the Camino. So it will be fun to read. At least something to do.

The game-plan is to milk out the next 3days to get to Santiago, spend a couple nights there. Then take a bus to Boaños which is about 65 km away ... and on the beach! The beach is called¨Playa de Traba and its supposed to have 8-10 foot surf around that time. The water right now is about 63 degrees which is pretty chilly. That's 10 degrees cooler than the Comal for all you tubing readers. But I´ll just have to suck it up. I don´t know when I´ll be able to return to Spain and surf, so I´m going to have to just trunk it. Hopefully I can find a place to rent a board.

And for those of you who aren´t reading fans, here´s some photos:

This is what I thought was the Cathedral of San Marcos in Leon, but it turns out it's a hotel. But still neat. All the little white things sticking up are little fountains ... we like to call them bum baths.


It's nice to have Ian with us ...

We´re the three best friends that anyone has had!

106 KM to go! (that was from 2 mornings ago in Sarria) -kai-

What is this!?! A shower for ants!?!

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  1. Hey it's Michael in Sydney. I found your blog.

    You guys were great to me on the Camino, thanks a lot.



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