Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brotherly Love

The boys are getting so grown up … and used to living life their own way. Seamus and Ian have been out of the house for 6 and 4 years now and Noah has gotten used to practically having the whole back of the house to himself. Plus, Noah is now a teenager … Seamus and Ian have not experienced close-up the phenomenon of Noah slowly morphing into a young man … with more thoughts, feelings and opinions of his own developing all the time. The boys’ visits together these days are typically short and fun. They are not used to lots of togetherness anymore. Another prayer of mine is that these three confident, independent brothers can face the challenges of so much time together combined with hours of physical endurance and somewhat archaic living conditions … with grace, humility, patience, forbearance, acceptance, forgiveness, joy and fraternal love.

Love my boys.

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