Monday, June 7, 2010

A Message From Saint James

About a year ago, Seamus felt discouraged about his career. He wasn’t feeling as challenged as he hoped he would and transfers /promotions within the company seemed sluggish. He felt a strong need for change. When a son is disheartened, a mother is too. So, I began to pray some special prayers for my son. Over the years, I have often turned to my own patron saint, Saint Thérèse, who has showered me with roses many times. This time, however, I felt compelled to ask Seamus’s patron, St. James, for help … and asked for a sign of a Scallop Shell – his special symbol. The week I was praying for St. James’s intercession, I took my normal walks through our small ranch. Because our area of Texas was submerged under water millions of years ago, we occasionally come across sea biscuit and clam fossils … mostly in areas that have been dug into. This one week, however, I came across a rare find. Walking the path I have walked hundreds of times over the past nine years, I came across a Scallop Shell fossil. I then knew that St. James was listening to my prayers and doing all he could from heaven to help out.

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