Friday, June 18, 2010

A Visit From Ian

Ian drove in from Oklahoma today for Father's Day weekend ... it's so nice to have him here! On Thursday of next week, he'll fly to Spain to join his brothers.

Book IV of Codex Calixtinus

The Book Of Saint James
There is a really neat book within the Cathedral in Santiago called “The Book of Saint James.” It is a collection of homilies, prayers, songs, stories of Saint James miracles and great medieval information on the Camino put together by a variety of authors hundreds of years ago. It is sometimes called the “Codex Calixtinus,” after Pope Calixtus II (1119-1124) who had great enthusiasm for the Santiago pilgrimage. This book is a medieval treasure ... and you can get a copy of it ... for only $2,990.00 (Yikes! I like books, but I think I'll have to wait a while for this one!)

For Noah ... a photo of Lexi.

Just love the photos and stories, Seamus and Noah! Thanks for filling us in! I'm praying for that foot! (Jared - you are awesome to pray for my son! Also ... just found a quesadilla recipe online ... for sure when Noah gets home, we'll make some!)

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