Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iron Cross and Last 100 km.

The boys seem anxious to arrive at the 100 km mark. The rule is that if you walk the last 100 km (or, 62 miles) of the Camino, you are entitled to an official Pilgrim Certificate. 100 km out of Santiago is in the town of Sarria. Lots of pilgrims start their journey at this point ... especially if they have time constraints. So, the Camino can start getting pretty crowded at Sarria! Actually, I'm not too concerned about whether or not the boys get the Pilgrim Certificate ... mostly, I want them to just have a bit of time together before they really grow up and move on. And ... I hope they grow in faith just a bit. Hopefully they will be able to stop at "Cruz de Fierro" (a.k.a. Cruz de Hierro) ... a spot on the Camino with an iron cross where pilgrims toss a rock to the base of the cross. We have a TON of rocks in the Texas Hill Country, and I sent them each with one rock for Cruz de Fierro. I guess if they miss the cross, they can place their rocks somewhere else along the way ... maybe at the base of another cross.

A photo from about 11 years ago, when we lived in San Diego. Diego is another Spanish variant of James, but this particular San Diego/Saint James is not Saint James the Greater. This San Diego/Saint James was born in the province of Seville, Spain near 1400 and his parents had great devotion to Saint James the Greater, so named their son after him. He became a very holy and good person and was canonized a saint after he died. So, not long after the Spaniards had arrived at what we now call southern California and had their first mass on the feast day of this saint, they decided to name the new settlement after him. So, San Diego, CA is named after San Diego of Spain who was named after Saint James the Greater.
  • Ian ~ Thanks for going to (how many?) stores to find a pair of shoes that would fit Seamus! I appreciate that!
  • Seamus ~ Sorry the shoes are black ... but am glad that your feet are happy and blister-free!
  • Noah ~ I've got Lexi covered for her Hartz treatment and pill on July 1.


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  2. Thanks Kelly. Yeah, its a guy thing. Its ok. I only wear them to run/work out. Otherwise its boots or flip flops. So I´ll live

  3. Sometimes, upon pain of death(and lecture from me) you might wear dress shoes.

  4. true, but that comes with a sweet, sweet check ... and my boots can double as dress shoes at times.




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