Sunday, June 20, 2010

Phew! That Was a Hard Blog to Read!

Ian grilling some steaks for Poppy for Father's Day.
(By the way, I gave Dad some Poppy seeds today - the kind you plant.)

About Seamus's last blog ... Gosh! And kids wonder why mothers worry! I wish I could go to Villalcazar and thank all of those people who helped my boys out! Sheesh! But, the good thing was … Seamus got to a doctor! I think his feet will improve more and more each day now!

Thanks to Fr. Vincent Fecher … who said a Hail Mary for the boys and offered up two masses for them! Your prayers are powerful ones, Fr. Vincent!

Seamus did call shortly after posting the blog and told me one more intriguing aspect to the story. When the guy grabbed and broke his chain, the Saint James medal fell. When all was done, Noah and Seamus went back to the area to look for the medal, but couldn’t find it. The hospitalero, Jesus, saw them and came over to help them out. He encouraged them to ask St. Anthony to intervene and within 30 seconds, Jesus had the St. James medal in his hand! Seamus and Noah were amazed! I sure wish I could give Jesus a hug … but instead I’ll have to say a special prayer … just for him … which is probably worth more than a hug or gift anyways!

I was brainstorming the Santiago Peregrino (Saint James the Pilgrim) statues facing away from Santiago de Compostela and came up with two theories. 1) Back in the medieval days, pilgrims did not hop on a plane or train to go back home … they walked back home. Maybe those statues are reminiscent of that. 2) Maybe they are posed to greet pilgrims making their way towards Santiago. Or … maybe I’m thinking too much and it doesn’t really matter! I like the idea of collecting photos of/with them!

I'll be happy when Ian joins you two later this week!

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