Sunday, June 27, 2010

Math in Spain ...

New shoes = ugly but very nice to finally have


World Cup Refs = LAME

Ian got in a little later than I was thinking, but we connected just fine. He got me the right shoes but the only ones in Oklahoma City were the black ones rather than silver ... I think they look really silly, but they feel great. And no blisters so far.

Ian really wanted to walk, so we walked yesterday to San Martin. Then after talking to Mom I determined we had 270 KM to go and only 11ish days to do it ... not gonna happen. So we decided we would take a bus this morning. But the bus stop was by a bar and some guys told us the bus wouldn´t come on Sunday. I found a schedule that said it would at 10:55, but we decided to walk today too, rather than risk waiting 3 hours for nothing. These guys may or may not have been drunk still. They were pretty funny. They told this guy in front of us to take a wrong turn for Santiago, when he turned, they called him back and told him the right way. He got pretty flustered and came and asked us if we had seen any signs since he didn´t understand exactly what they were saying. So I told him he was going the right way and they were just messing with him.

The German guy actually looked a lot like my friend, Tim Gillespie, but in about 10 years. I talked to him later, he was really cool too. I bet Tim would have enjoyed meeting him.

We made it to Astorga (didn´t smell any garlic, sorry). Nice big hostel. We also found the bus station where we met a girl from Austin. She seemed pretty flustered about missing her bus. I felt bad for her, but I couldn´t bring the bus back or anything.

We´re going to watch the Mexico game tonight. We were pretty bummed about the USA game, I think the refs ignored A LOT of fouls. But oh well, we did pretty well. We watched it with some girl from Orange County who is doing Grad School in London.

Old computers here, so no way to load pictures. Sorry.

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  1. Seamus, I told your brother to look for those shoes in silver instead of black, but he wouldn't listen to me. We only went to the Academy in Norman and didn't even try any in Oklahoma City. I just knew that you would want another color, but Ian did not believe me. So, it's all his fault that you have ugly shoes.



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