Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great Progress!

Sounds like the boys made great progress yesterday! (And like Noah isn't in the least homesick!)

When you cross over the bridge to the town of Puente de Villarente, before you get to Leon, look for a two-story building with an arch. In the 1500s it was provided for from the will of an archdeacon,who considered the area to be difficult to travel through, and with too few places to stay. So, he wanted the funds he left behind to be used to build this building as a place for pilgrims to stay ... it was his way to give glory to God and honor to the Blessed Mother.
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p.s. The Scallop-ish.Cockle Shells are from the beach on Padre Island.
p.p.s. The blue gymnasium-looking coliseum downtown on the bay was demolished yesterday.
p.p.p.s. On a whim, Dad and I went to Best Buy today ... just to look at laptops. The kid who helped us was so helful and polite ... and there was a really nice model that Dad thought was a decent deal. It really wasn't our plan to buy a computer during a vacation to the beach, but when I saw that the nice kid's name was James, I took it as a sign and we bought it. xoxo

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