Thursday, June 24, 2010

¡The Mornings are So Boring!

We are here in Leon for our second day. There is nothing to do in the morning but walk around ... the idea was to rest! haha. It's ok, we checked out the cathedrals (a solid 5 minutes each). There are also tons of drunk people running around, still drunk. But much friendlier. Leon is celebrating the feast of St. John the Baptist (or, his birthday or something like that). I get the impression the streets look like Mardi Gras in Galveston.

Before I forget, Ian: I don´t recommend all those books, but you do what you want.

Anyway, we have met about 9 drunk people this morning. Some have been very friendly. We took pictures with some of them, but I can´t upload them for some reason. One wanted to talk Spanish versus American politics. But he only wanted to talk, not listen. But that was fine with us.

We also saw a small parade of what looked like a police band. They were escorting some sort of beauty queens for some ceremony. I was assured I´d find tons of beautiful Spanish women here, but it's been pretty slim pickings compared to who´s in San Antonio waiting for me.

Yesterday some old French guy tried telling us it's a boring walk to Leon and that we should take a bus. I´ve loved this trip and its been great, but we´ve walked through nothing but wheat fields ... I´m not clear how it can get less exciting. I guess he´s really into wheat, because there were only little towns that we passed through.

Also, Ian: In my beard experience, I´ve never suffered a tan line. I´m growing a Camino Beard too, but I have to shave everything below my jaw line, otherwise it gets tooo itchy.

We can´t check in for another 2.5-ish hours. So we are just killing time. I´m also trying to charge my camera and MP3 player since they are both running low. Since I don´t have my converter any more I have to rely on computers and USP ports to charge them.

I really wish my pics would upload. I´m going to try again, I´ll just put them in a new post.

Mr. Keane, I hope you´re doing well.

And congrats to Mary who got hired as a Math Specialist!

Hasta La Vista


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  1. They aren't books. They are just articles. There is a good chance I'll finish them on the trip there. There is also a good chance they won't be read at all.



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