Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Love How Thing Just Don't Quite Translate Sometimes

I love how things just don´t quite translate sometimes. Fortunately, we got the idea.

This is from a few days ago ... that's after about a week of hiking in them.

The police (?) band this morning.

This was after our 32 km day. You can´t see it that well in this pic because of the dust, but I´m developing quite the impressive flip flop tan.

This is Noah at about 8 AM with some people who were super friendly and super drunk. The guy on the right has a mullet, you just can´t see it that well. The girl is 20 and was amazed at Noah´s age/height. Her coke cup also does not have coke in it ... some sort of booze. They told us they were getting ready to go home and go to bed. They guy on the right spoke a little English, but mostly Spanish. He explained that it's not that nice of a walk to Astorga, but from there to Santiago it is the best part of the entire Camino, especially Galicia.

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