Friday, June 11, 2010

My Dogs Are Tired


I felt like a bigshot coming into this figuring we could walk till about 5 or 6. False. We get pretty tired by lunch, then we eat, and go a little farther. Although, after a bit of looking, we weren´t 100% sure we´d make it Pamplona today. But we made it barely past at Zizur Menor.

The picture is of Noah and me today. Right behind my head was a city that we were assuming was Pamplona. Then the trail turned and we were way off. But we cruised through Pamplona, very close to the bus station that took us to our starting point. We found a bank and cashed in Noah´s American money. The banker asked to see his passport and then gave us a funny look and asked questions because it says he was born in Italy. I explained that we live in the US now and he was born there because Poppy was in the military.

Yesterday we almost ran out of money. So we couldn´t afford dinner at a restaurant. So we went to the store and bought enough bread and pasta to eat dinner and breakfast too. It wasn´t half bad.

I´m running out of time on here. We´re going to find more food for dinner.


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  1. Thanks for the great photo! It looks very peaceful there. xoxo



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