Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pilgrimage Music

Since the boys have been gone, I have been enjoying a really neat and peaceful CD, Pilgrimage to Santiago. It was compiled by the Monteverdi Choir from England. In honor of the choir's 40th anniversary, the group hiked several chunks of the Camino and performed at various cities and towns along the way. They had done their research and learned many songs from medieval Spain ... songs that were heard by countless pilgrims within the stone walls of the many churches along the route. The music is wonderful and helps me to keep the boys in my thoughts.


Saint Peter the Apostle and Saint Servatus are the patron saints of feet issues. (Great research, Kelly!)

Saint Peter - a neat connection ... seeing he and Saint James were good friends.

Saint Servatus - was a bishop in what we now call the Netherlands in the 300s, and had some prophetical abilities.


  1. Yay! I made the blog! How exciting!

  2. Thanks for sending those prayers and letting us know about St. Peter and St. Servatus, Kelly!



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