Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Agony Of The Feet

Ouch … I remember Seamus once arching his back and screaming as we tried to put him back in his car seat. It was 24 summers ago. We were in San Diego and had just driven from New York.

Well, from Puente La Reina, Seamus and Noah have 228 miles before meeting Ian in León … 12 days from today (Thanks for teaching me how to use Bing Maps before you left, Noah!). A grueling journey. I wish I could have given them the full 6 weeks or 2 months for the complete trip, but they have responsibilities and we have limited funds. A month (and two weeks for Ian) was the best we could do.

While Chad and I are sleeping tonight, Seamus and Noah might happen across a retablo or two. Retablos are large, ornate backdrops for altars that became very popular in Spain. When it starts getting hot and pilgrims want to cool off, they often step inside one of the many old churches along the way to rest for a few moments. If Seamus and Noah stop inside the Church of San Salvador in Lorca, they’ll see a “theatrical” image of Saint James displayed on the retablo. If they don’t see this retablo, they will undoubtedly see at least one other before the end of their journey.

A Sad Note … Today is the funeral of my Aunt Lib. She had been ill, but it was still sad to lose her. Intriguingly, she died on Wednesday, which was the feast of “Our Lady Virgin Mother of Grace” and her funeral today is the feast of the “Immaculate Heart of Mary.” Pretty neat for a lady who had a great devotion to the Blessed Mother. I like to think that Aunt Lib is keeping an eye on my boys … she had six sons of her own (followed by a daughter … named Mary, of course!).

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