Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ian Leaves Two Weeks From Today

Ian was a little shell-shocked the other day. When I purchased his airline tickets a while back, there were a few glitches (some dramatic cost differences, actually) and he ended up with an itinerary that includes a 12-hour lay-over in Madrid! I hated to tell him about that … so I didn’t (Sorry Ian!). He mentioned on the phone a few days ago that when he went to take a closer look at his plane schedule he noticed the HUGE layover and hoped it was a typo … but it wasn’t! But, I know my resourceful son will figure something out. I doubt he’ll spend 12 hours sitting in a chair waiting patiently. He’s a patient person, but that’s beyond even his abilities! He already knows of a few sights in Madrid … also, pilgrimages are not meant to be perfectly comfortable. He’ll get a head start on the challenge of the whole thing!

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