Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leon & Packing

Lots of prayers and warm wishes to the Keane Family of Bandera as Paul recovers from his chain saw accident. We are praying for a full recovery of Paul's arm, for Eileen and the boys!

Seamus and Noah called this morning to let us know that they made it to Leon. If you look at the map on the right sidebar, you'll see they are a bit more than halfway there. They happened across a Benedictine convent where Benedictine nuns provide rooms for pilgrims ... so they will spend the night there tonight.

Seamus and Noah:
According to my The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago guide, spending two hours or more taking in the beauty of the San Marcos Cathedral and the church of San Isidoro in Leon is a must (2 hrs+ per church). DON'T WORRY! I don't really expect you to do that ... but, it wouldn't hurt to stop off at San Marcos to cool off and say a quick prayer to San Marcos for your next two years in San Marcos, TX, Seamus. Leon is known for LOTS of stained glass ... (San Marcos has more stained glass windows than any other Cathedral in Spain).

I hope you enjoy your brief break in Leon and thanks for getting there in time for Ian! Have fun at the bull fight!

Ian ... your Tech gear will go well with Noah's OU shorts ... which he would wear every day if I let him (by the way, Noah, I saw some Corpus shorts I thought you might like, but decided against buying them ... maybe at Texas State).

Travel safely, Bean!

Love my boys!
p.s. Please say an extra prayer for Mr. Keane today!

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  1. Thanks so much!! It will take some time, but Paul is on the mend. We love the pictures of Noah....and I know Seamus is keeping a good eye on him. Our boys can't wait to hear about the bullfight!
    Best wishes Nelson boys, we love the blog!!
    Eileen Keeley-Keane



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