Friday, June 18, 2010

I Feel Like One of Those Clowns on a Motorcycle with the Helmet Strapped to his Seat

It always bugs me when I see people on motorcycles with their helmet strapped to the back. But here I am trying to knock out 500 miles in flip flops with a pair of sneakers tied to my bag. Oh well. I took some Ibuprofen this morning which seemed to help a little. We met some funny Italians yesterday. One of them spoke some English. So we hung out with them during dinner. Then we watched Mexico beat France which was awesome. There were some Germans with us who wanted Mexico to win just because it was against France. haha.

My MP3 player died today. I was going to charge it, but I think I accidentally left my converter for the different plugs here in Burgos. So I might plug it into a computer tonight while everyone is asleep. I´m a little bummed about my converter.

It rained really bad a couple days ago. We only made it about 10 km. It was pretty miserable. But oh well. We sure slept well that night. Yesterday we called mom then the phone cut out on me. I´m not sure how long I was talking that my mom couldn´t hear me. But apparently all the phones in town died. I was a little bummed I couldn´t talk to Mary too.

I´m running low on time, so I´m going to comment on these pics:

There are windmills everywhere! Lots of them. They are pretty cool.

Here´s an example of a triple bunk we stayed in in Viana. That's my bag with the bread sticking out.

Its kind of hard to see, but there is a stork nest at the base of the dome. We´ve seen a few of these. If storks bring human babies, who brings stork babies?

If this works, its a video of some hippies making music out of some boards sitting on a saw horse in Hotana last night. The guy with dred-locks was really friendly. He ran the supermarket in between his performing. We bought stuff for sandwiches and got some cheese that he explained was made here from cow and sheep milk. He clarified "queso de mooo y baaa" haha, it was pretty funny ... ok it didn´t work. At the top is a pic of them playing. I´ll add the video when I´m not on a time limit.
We just got news that the US game is not on the channels they have here. So we will wait to see the England game this evening. Oh well.

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  1. Seamus! Noah! Howdy from halfway around the world!!! I hope that you boys are doing fine on your trek. From the sound of your menu selections, I could try to figure out how to send you some el fenix,, but dont know how I could get it there!

    I want you guys to know that I am cogniscent of your troubles there, but I rejoice in your journey. What a blessing and a joy to share the trip of a life time with your brothers. I think about yall alot. Hoping for your safety and well being. And, though we may not be of the same denomination, I pray for your safety and your endurance daily. You are in my prayers at night and in the morning. God gave me a great friend in Seamus, and a blessing to know his family (even the ones who go ten years without a Texas).

    I would give an update on the slovenia-USA game, but at the risk of being a spoiler, I digress. Know that you are thought of here at home, not just be family in San Antonio, but by families here in Dallas.

    So heres to Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travel Safety....Saint Peter, Patron Saint of Foot Trouble......and (your) Lady of Lourdes, Patron Saint of Bodily Ills (I guess feet and blisters falls under that category..)

    Godspeed, gentlemen, and vaya con dios!



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