Friday, July 2, 2010

I Forgot to Mention ...

I finished that book by Kerry Egan. Good stuff. I think I´m going to email her for three reasons:

1) I want to meet her husband (he was her boyfriend during the trip and went with her). He seemed real cool and I think we would be buddies.

2) Yesterday around 2:00 we still hadn´t eaten lunch because there was this 17 km gap of nothing. We passed some lady and her fruit stand and I looked over my shoulder and wanted some of the raspberries she was selling, but I hate backtracking so much that I didn´t go back the 5 steps it would have taken. Then I got to the hostel and read about her and her boyfriend getting a basket of raspberries and they were so good that they got 4 more and the lady put sugar on the rest of them. I wonder if it was the same lady. I wish I had gotten some.

3) Yesterday evening I also read about how they bought cherries and how the lady asked if they wanted a kilo so they said sure not knowing how much that really is (2.2 pounds). It took them 4 days to eat them all. That sounded pretty rough to me. Literally 30 min later, Ian and Noah showed up with a kilo of cherries AND a kilo of plums! I thought, ¨great, 8 days of fruit.¨ FALSE, it was about 12 minutes of fruit. Then we had dinner. haha

So here I go:

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