Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking Bad Advice is a Great Way to Kill Time

As Noah explained, we waited for our 12:25 bus until the 2:10 bus came (about 15 minutes late). When the ticket guy came back and saw us there still he asked why we didn´t get on the bus. I explained what we were told, he said she was wrong. He made sure we were able to get on with our old tickets.

Oh well. The church we got to go in was pretty cool.

It was fun to feed the ducks too. I haven´t done that in years. It seems as if Spain has abandoned the sale of corn to feed the pigeons. I guess rain makes corn and corn makes birds poop all over the nice cathedral. I was kind of looking forward to feeding them again like we used to do back in the day even though I hate pigeons now. Its pretty gross to look at the pictures of us 14+ years ago holding a little thing of corn and being covered in birds trying to get at it. Haha.

My camera battery has died and the computer still does not recognize it, so I can´t charge it or load pictures. But I have a feeling we got most of the pictures we need.

Tonight is the Netherlands vs. Uruguay, and tomorrow is Spain vs. Germany. I´m looking forward to both games.

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