Monday, July 5, 2010


I've read that lots of Pilgrims top off their pilgrimage by visiting Fisterra (Finisterre). I didn't realize it was a three hour bus ride, though! (UGH!) I'm sure Seamus and Noah loved it, it's supposed to be beautiful. The name Fisterra/Finisterre evolved from the Latin words "finis terrae" which mean "the end of the earth/world." It juts out quite a bit and so they literally used to think the earth ended there. Lots of boats leaving this part of the coast were lost ... which added to the feeling of it being the end of the world. Seamus loves the water, so I am glad he got to feel the chilly Atlantic Ocean splash his feet (sorry there were no surf boards available, though, Seamus!) Another neat thing about the town of Fisterra ... it is a fishing town ... and Saint James was a fisherman.
A Monument in Fisterra to Honor Santiago Pilgrims

From the Corpus Christi Cathedral ... near warmer waters.

The boys come back to the U.S. on Thursday!

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