Friday, July 2, 2010

Rain is a Good Thing ...

Rain makes corn. Rain also makes us walk faster to finish the trip. I can´t believe it only rained 2 days of the trip, one of which was the last day. It was light, so we refused to use our ponchos.

The plan was to leave the last 10 k for tomorrow, but yesterday we accidentally ended up going 27ish KM only leaving about 22 more. So we felt really silly splitting up 22 km into 2 days.

We have a hostel. We were able to get it for 2 nights. We secured 3 beds then walked the rest of the way to the Cathedral. They don´t let you go in the front door. But when we got to the side door there was a huge line (and still rainy). So we are going to go back in the morning and find out the hours and wait while we eat breakfast ... or eat breakfast in line if there already is one.

Here is a monument for when Pope John Paul 2 visited. I just took that today, I didn´t realize Mammy had posted something about it too. I think I have a holy card with his remarks/prayer on it. They were giving them out.

¡¡¡ WE MADE IT!!!

Ian in the hostel

Santiago Matamoros!!!! (Sorry Mammy, I think it's cool.)

And this is the line that we opted out of standing in. We´ll check it out in the morning.

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